You want a NEW NORMAL
It’s time for better

If you didn’t know how important golf was to you before, you do now. You want the freedom to play your best golf in the great outdoors, surrounded by friends. But don’t go back. Go forward. Make it better. The Srixon Z-STAR is better.

A better feel and better distance comes from a core made up of thousands of layers. Softer at the heart for compression and feel. Firmer towards the outside for energy transfer and distance.

And better control

A softer cover that actually digs into the grooves of your wedge to create better spin rates for better control and greenside performance.

A better ball

This is a golf ball that gives our golfers more distance with a softer feel while enabling greater greenside control and spin. It’s a golf ball for all shots and all golfers.

Play better

We all want to play better golf. We all want more enjoyment and fulfillment. Try the Srixon Z-STAR or, if you have a particularly aggressive swing, the Z-STAR XV, and create your own new normal.